The bio swimming ponds we build, are environmentally friendly ones. No mechanic filter, or chemicals are needed for their cleaning. Children can also swim in the lake, because compared to the traditional, chemically cleansed pools, which has unnatural effects causing allergic reactions, our ponds operate with pure water. With the biological purification of the swimming ponds, and the beautyful shaping, we can offer a fully natural swimming and relaxing experience.

Our bio swimming-ponds provide a magnificent view, with their look fully accomodates with the landscape, and the unique hydrphyte compositions, which gives an uncomparable feeling to our heart and soul. We can enjoy the advantages of the lake all-year-long: in cold wintertimes it’s an ornament of our garden, as it is in the other seasons too, what is more, on a sufficiently thick frozen pond, safe skating is possible. Shaping of a bio swimming-pond is limited just by individual imagination. The shape of the pond, the water depth and the decorations has a wide range of variability. With the profassionally built filter-zone, the balance of both the pond’s operation and the quality of water is guaranteed. The operation of our system is made by the collaboration of the solar-energy, the plants and microbes which use it. These components make optimal biological and biochemical reactions, what make the system to move on. Just one suction-pump is needed, which has to stream the water from the swimming-pond, to the bio-filters.

Excerpts of our bio swimming-ponds BIO SWIMMING-POND In contrast of the artificial concrete-basins, it has undoubted and untouchable advantages, for example the lack of chemicals, the low maintenance cost, the minimalized care needs, and the beuatifying aesthetic experience. It has a gently sloping shoreline, so it needs more place than the BIO-POOL swimming-pond, and it’s maintenance takes more time, but it costs less than the other one. BIO-POOL SWIMMING-POND This type of our ponds was optimized for the minimal place needed with the biggest possible swimming surface. It’s construction costs are higher, but the maintenance is easier. It combines the comfort of the traditional swimming-pools with the beauty of the natural lakes. With this technology, it is possible to upgrade a traditional swimming-pool to our BIO-POOL swimming-pond. Open for business Both of them are suited for converting old money-wasting lidos into beautyful, and popular places, ideal for spending ones free time. This is a soon-recovered investment, which could be maintained at a very low cost.